Five Key Areas

We can help you plan your financial future and your legacy.  We consider five critical areas of financial planning along with your family traditions, history, values, life lessons, and wishes.

Insurance Protection - making sure that your plan can withstand the unexpected.
  • Review and analyze your financial position.
  • Identify any risk exposures and recommend solutions.
  • Review, explain, and update your work and personal insurances so risks are covered.
  • Assist you in implementing your financial plan.
Estate Planning - seeing that your plan will carry out your wishes.
  • Review and analyze your assets for proper ownership and beneficiaries.
  • Provide guidance to help you get your financial affairs in order.
  • Consult and coordinate your plan with your attorney, CPA, and insurance agent.
  • Help to manage the financial impact of lifestyle changes (death, divorce, disability, health).
Retirement Income Planning - strategizing to help make sure you'll have enough.
  • Develop, refine, implement, and monitor your retirement income plan.
  • Determine how much to withdraw and the order of accounts to withdraw from.
  • Assist you in selecting investment options with your 401(k), 403(b), or other retirement plans.
Taxes - maximizing what you earn by minimizing what you owe.
  • Recommend tax strategies to minimize your taxes.
  • Consult and coordinate your financial plan with your CPA/tax preparer.
  • Track cost basis for easier tax preparation.
Investments - focusing on the growth and management of your portfolio.
  • Establish how and how much to save.
  • Monitor investment performance compared to investments in the same class.
  • Actively manage and rebalance your portfolio to help reduce risk.
  • Prepare an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to signify your goals and expectations.
We provide conscientious wealth management that may help you live more confidently, enjoy more of life, and further your legacy.

Neither Kampbell Financial LLC, Brian Kampbell,  Voya Financial Advisors, Inc. give specific legal or tax advice. Please consult with your professional tax or legal advisor for your personal situation.